10 Ocak 2019


In 1952, Biga State Hospital was opened in the old Public House building with 10 beds. 18.03.1953 in the neighboring Yenice District, and therefore disappeared on the way of 7.2 magnitude earthquake, 10-bed hospital in the case where the case was less. Biga State Hospital Conservation Survival Association. Association First of all, in 1969, the land of 43.250 m2 in the village of Idriskoru, at a distance of 2 km, is buying at a symbolic price from a citizen named Recep POTUR from the same village. The foundation of the State Hospital in 1977 as a 110-bed building was started at your service in its new building on 25.11.1981.

The decision to demolish the old hospital building with the approval of the Ministry of Health No. 4 dated 4.10.2012 and the decision of the Ministry of Health has been decided to be constructed with the tender registration number no. On 17.03.2014 the company Gökyol Aş. The contract was signed and the place was delivered on 12.08.2014 and it was planned to be completed in 510 days. On April 2, 2018, polyclinics were started to serve in the new hospital building, and all units were moved on 28 May.

The new hospital building has a total capacity of 150 beds, single and double. There are 43 polyclinic rooms. In imaging services; Tomography, Ultrasonography, Bone Densitometer, Mammography, EEG, EMG, 2 Digital X-rays, Panoramic Dental X-ray services are provided. MR (Magnetic Resonance) service will be launched in 2018. Audiometry, Pulmonary Function Test, Electrocardiography, Effort ECG, Echocardiography, Blood Transfusion Unit, Laboratories, Psychologist, Child Development Specialist, Social Worker, Pregnant School, Diabetes School, NST, Central Sterilization Unit. There. One of the operating room rooms is a surgery and surgery room with lead-coated and laminar flow in which Brain Surgery and Orthopedic surgeries are performed. There are a total of 17 beds with intensive care units and 18 units of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Unit. Dialysis unit with 7 + 1 device serves 57 dialysis patients with 740 sessions per month.

Emergency Service is in 1683 m2 area and 24 patients in bed with 3 Emergency Medical Specialists and general practitioners1. Service is serving as an Emergency Service and 2nd Level is in the process of getting registration.

In the coming periods, 5-bed Sleep Center, 10-Bed Palliative Care Center, nursing staff for the care of working children and MRI will be started to be given.

           In our hospital, there are 38 specialist doctors, 5 general practitioners, 7 dentists, 100 nurses, 27 midwives, 68 other health personnel, 45 administrative staff, 97 permanent workers (4 D).