Social Responsibility Projects

1. PROJECT: Training Activities for Pregnant Patients

NAME OF THE PROJECT: Knowledgeable Mother-Healthy Baby-Happy Family

  OBJECTIVE: Healthy pregnant women, healthy babies, pregnancies, births and baby care more conscious with more healthy conditions; The aim is to minimize the risk of maternal and infant death and to encourage normal birth.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Pregnant women who are in 20 or more pregnancies, do not have any obstacles, have no systemic disease, have no risky pregnancy, are approved by the Obstetrician and give consent to attend the pregnant school

2. PROJECT: Promotion of Organ Donation:

NAME OF THE PROJECT: Hello again to life

  OBJECTIVE: To raise the awareness of organ and tissue donations, to reach all sections of the society in terms of organ and tissue transplantation in a social, economic and cultural way.

   TARGET AUDIENCE: Private and Public Institution Employees, University and Vocational School and Students, Teachers, People